BANCO GP Edition

Managing your room book, issuing quotes and preparing contracts has never been easier. BANCO is a sophisticated software package that enables you to rapidly determine room availability and prepare  quotations in seconds. Changes can be made at any time with the program automatically recalculating taxes, gratuities, totals and costs as you go.

You only have to enter information once. The system will automatically save it and propagate it  to all relevant areas. Add a new event and it appears on the Event Calendar, in function summaries, in the event list, in the client's pending order list, in the anticipated sales summary, and the items ordered for the event immediately show up on work orders, and product requirements reports.

See Hardware Requirements for details on the computer equipment required to run BANCO.

Room Book
BANCO's room book display gives you a graphic view of room availability over any period from one to thirty days. Bookings are color coded by type and confirmation status with set-up and tear down times shown in black at either end of each booking. Placing the mouse cursor over a booking pops up a brief summary of the booking. Clicking on a booking lets you activate its properties page where you can view the complete details of the booking.  Bookings can be moved and copied by dragging and dropping them.

The room book includes a wait list where you can record parties waiting for space that is not available. When space becomes free simply drag a wait list entry and drop it on the space to place the booking.

Functions are available for block booking and freeing space. You can book/free space over any period on any selected day of the week.

Once the quote is accepted a simple operation turns it into a contract ready for printing and client signatures. You can also create contracts directly - without preparing an initial quotation. Contracts are easily modified and when you change expected guest counts the software automatically recalculates order quantities, taxes, and gratuities.

You can record as much information as you want for each event, right down to linen color selection and table setting requirements. This information can include comments to be printed on the quote or contract and special notes that should only appear on staff work orders.

 To facilitate the rapid preparation of quotes and contracts you can create templates (boiler-plates) of standard packages. Contracts can also draw items from a "catalog". Unique items and comments can be directly typed into a contract.

Any number of deposits can be recorded for an event. The software tracks deposits by event and, if you are using the BANCO accounts receivable, applies them to the appropriate invoices. The on-screen contract display includes a list of deposits, the deposit total and the balance owing.

Event Calendar
The Event Calendar display gives you on-line instant access to all events. You can also use this display to create new events and view detailed client information.

Extensive client information and history is maintained by BANCO. In addition to name and address information you can record any number of phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and web page address for each client. A number of fields are available for categorizing clients including source, type, and category. The on-screen client display gives you complete access to all client related data including account history, sales history, and full details of any event booked by the client. 

You can record date ordered notes concerning contacts with clients and follow-up requirements. There is also space in the client record to store extensive general comments.

Mailing list functions allow you to create and update any number of mailing lists based on client and event data. Preparing a mailing to all clients that booked Christmas parties with you last year is just a few minutes work. As is the preparation of any mailing targeted to a particular type of client or prospect.

The Group module is used for gathering all information on multi-day, multi-room events. When viewing a group you can examine and modify the details of any quote or event. You can also record deposits for groups and issue consolidated invoices.

Complete details of all events can be stored indefinitely. You can create new quotes and contracts based on past events by copying the event and then making any required changes. When you copy an event the software can automatically update pricing based on your current price list. Detailed history can also be used to produce product preference and profitability reports.

When you cancel a quote or void a contract the software asks for a cancellation code and solicits an explanation for the action. You can use this information to analyze lost business patterns.

Event Bars
If you have to manage event bar inventories and do host bar billing the Event Bar functions can save hours of labor. Create any number of event bars per event. Print the inventory work sheets and have staff record additions and closing quantities. Enter this information into the system and BANCO can immediately produce bar consumption and costing reports. No need to have beverage staff calculating consumption in the early morning hours. Bar costs can be included with other event costs and, for host billed bars, the software can automatically generate the appropriate lines for invoicing.

Guest Lists
The GP Edition includes functions for recording the guests that will be attending a function and making table assignments. You can record special requirements of each guest and even create special orders for invoicing individual guests. The software includes layouts for printing guest and table tents and seating cards. 

Accounts Receivable
BANCO includes an integrated accounts receivable module. Invoices, deposits, and sales credits are automatically placed in the receivables batch. The on-screen client display includes a detailed A/R account listing as well as last invoice, payment, and statement dates.

You can generate an Aged Receivables report at any time with site defined aging periods. Client account statements can also be printed at any time.

A unique feature of the software is its Change In Accounts Receivable report. This report provides all of the information necessary for posting BANCO business into a General Ledger. This includes, for any specified period, the sales by sales category, receipts by payment method, change in A/R, and change in Deposit Liability.

You can develop detailed recipes for food offerings. As ingredient costs are updated BANCO automatically recalculates recipe costs and updates the costing of open quotes and contracts.

Recipes can include other recipes and can include ingredients using any unit of measure. Spices, garnish, and other costs can be detailed as ingredients or you can specify a percentage of ingredient costs to be added to account for these costs.

Functions are available to enable you to define new units of measure and to convert recipes to different measure systems. If you have a recipe that uses metric measures you can, in one step, convert these measures to Imperial or US units.

You can print recipes scaled to any number of servings. The software can also print all recipes required to fill your orders in a particular period. The recipe explosion function analyzes all orders in a period and prints a list of all required ingredients with quantities expressed in the units of measure used for purchasing.

Reports And Other Printouts
You can customize and re-design any report printed by the software. You can also create new reports from scratch or based on the ones supplied with the system. The BANCO report designer can use any Windows printer and supports all Windows fonts, color, and several graphics formats (BMP, GIF, and JPEG). If you have a scanned image of your letterhead or signatures, you can include them on your quotes and contracts.

Standard reports include: several quote and contract layouts, invoice, invoice register, room booking summaries, wait list summary, function summaries, delivery report, product requirements summary, product requirements detail, client names & addresses, client phone book, detailed client information, anticipated sales summary, event bar inventory work sheet, event bar posting summary, event bar inventory requirements, several sales & costs reports, aged accounts receivable, a/r client statements, change in a/r position, group list, group guest room requirements, guest lists, guest list table assignments, seating cards, table tents, guest name tents, production recipes, ingredient requirements in period, and ingredients by supplier.

BANCO''s reporting functions allow you to preview reports on-screen, print to any system printer, and print to files in a number of different formats, including RTF, Lotus 123, Excel, Text, HTML, CSS2, BMP, and JPEG. You can also use reports to generate comma or tab separated text files which are commonly used to import data into accounting and database programs and for mail merge data files by word processors. 

BANCO can be run without security so that anyone with computer access can work in the software. When security is enabled you can limit access to the software to particular users. For each user you can define particular access rights. You have detailed control over the areas of the software in which a user can work and what level of access they have in each area. Four levels of access can be granted. No Access prevents a user from working in the area. Read Only permits users to view data and print reports but prevents them from making any alterations. Read and Write access lets users modify data but prevents them from voiding. Read, Write, and Void gives users full access to the area. 

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