BANCO Edition Feature Comparison

Feature EL Edition GP Edition
Client Management    
Quick find by name, contact, and other criteria X X
On-screen access to all client related data including account balance and accounting history X X
Unlimited number of phone numbers and e-mail addresses X X
Record standard percentage discounts for each client X X
Mailing list builder X X
Export names & addresses for word processor mail merge X X
Event Calendar    
One month on-screen presentation and access to all events X X
Mark holidays and other important dates X X
Include non-managed (i.e. no contract/invoice) special events X X
Room Book    
One to thirty day graphic view of booked space   X
Drag & drop move and copy functions   X
Site defined booking types   X
Wait list   X
Record revenue projections for each event   X
Room features list   X
Define any number of seating styles and capacities for each room   X
Quotes & Contracts    
Cover letters X X
Automatic calculation of totals, taxes and gratuity X X
Record multiple deposits X X
Apply percentage discounts by sales category X X
Itemized and/or tax excluded/included package pricing X X
Popup room book   X
Handle tax exempt clients X X
Specify tax rates and gratuity on an item by item basis X X
On-screen sales and cost breakdown by sales category X X
Itemized or formula based sales allocation X X
One step copy to make new quotes/contracts based on history X X
Event Bars    
Inventory work sheets X X
Automatic calculation of consumption and costs X X
Automatic calculation of host charges including corkage X X
Weekly inventory requirements X X
Any period inventory requirements and costs X X
Central on-screen access to all details of multi-day, multi-room events   X
Record group deposits   X
Space utilization summary   X
Consolidated quotes, contracts, and invoices   X
Guest Lists    
Table and seat assignments   X
Record special guest requirements   X
Guest invoices for tickets and private orders   X
Seating lists and cards   X
Table tents   X
Guest table tents   X
Event Reports    
Function summaries sorted by date, room, facility, client, or other criteria X X
Anticipated sales X X
Consolidated or departmental work orders X X
Delivery report X X
Include recipes in other recipes   X
Express spice and garnish costs as percentage of other ingredients   X
Automatically update quote and contract costs as recipe costs change   X
Site defined units of measure   X
Automatic units of measure conversion   X
Print recipes scaled to meet production requirements in any period   X
Recipe explosion with printed ingredient shopping list   X
Supplier list and on-screen view of ingredients supplied   X
Production Reports    
Items ordered for week (product requirements) X X
Items ordered in any period with sales and costs summary X X
Event bar inventory requirements X X
Recipes scaled to meet orders in period   X
Ingredient requirements and shopping list   X
Detailed event history X X
Voided Quote register X X
Voided Contract register X X
Invoice Register X X
Creation and last modified user and date recorded on all quotes and contracts X X
Accounts Receivable    
Automatic application of deposits to invoices X X
Aged Receivables with user defined aging periods X X
Client account statements X X
Change in position report for G/L posting X X
Sales & Costs Reporting    
Sales & costs in any period grouped by date, room, function type, client, or other category X X
Site defined level of detail and report layouts X X
Other Features    
Multiple price lists with directly entered prices, calculated as percentage of cost, calculated as percentage of another price list, or premium added to price of another price list X X
Shared database with multiple concurrent users   X
Multi-level security X X
Notes with tickle dates attached to clients, quotes, and contracts X X
Spell checking X X
Direct e-mail from within package (Outlook or SMTP) X X
Two tax authorities each with four tax rates and non-taxable X X

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