BANCO Frequently Asked Questions

Q We quote a tax and gratuities included package price per person and use a formula to allocate the sales. Can this be done in BANCO?
A Yes. Using a Package Formula you can distribute sales in any way you want.

Q We like our current quote and contract forms, can we retain them?
A In most cases you can provided that you have a printer than can handle the forms. You can also create custom print-outs in BANCO. Often clients are able to use the WYSIWYG report designer in BANCO to create layouts that duplicate existing forms - saving the cost of pre-printed forms.

Q Can we print cover letters when we print quotes and contracts?
A Yes. You can create any number of standard cover letters and use the one most appropriate for each event.

Q Can we fax quotes and contracts?
A Yes. Using fax software such as Microsoft Fax or Symantec WinFax you can fax any printout from BANCO.

Q Can we e-mail quotes and contracts to clients?
A Yes. BANCO can be configured to e-mail directly using Microsoft Outlook automation or an SMTP (internet) mail host. 

Q We use the same recipes, with different portion sizes, for a number of offerings. Can we continue to do this in BANCO?
A Yes. When you specify a recipe for an offering, you can also define the portion size used.

Q We print several copies of a contract on colored paper for different departments. Can we do this in BANCO?
A You can. However, you can also setup BANCO to print different text on each copy of a printout. For example, if you print 3 copies one for the client to keep, one for the client to sign and return, and one for your files, you can have BANCO print "Retain For Your Records" on the first copy, "Sign and Return" on the second copy, and "File Copy" on the third copy. (The text that is printed is up to you and you can have as many different named copies as you want.) Using this feature you do not have to load different colors of paper into your printer. 

Q Can BANCO print side-by-side sections on contracts?
A Yes.

Q How long does it take to get up and running?
A This depends a great deal on the nature of your business and how comfortable you are with windows based software. Using the Getting Started tutorial guide that is included with the software you should start to feel comfortable in a couple of days. It may then take three to four weeks to enter in your "catalog" (price list), templates (boiler-plates) and future bookings. Once that has been done you'll be very comfortable with the software and able to use it for creating quotations and taking new orders. (By the way, for those who need to train a number of people or who want to get going in less time we offer on-site training, data loading, and quote/contract layout design services.)

Q What kind of support is offered?
A When you purchase a Banco license you are entitled to 90 days (from date of purchase) of toll-free phone support and upgrade protection. We also have low cost annual support and upgrade protection plans.

Q Can BANCO export data to any other packages?
A Yes. BANCO can export data in a number of different file formats including HTML, Excel, Word, Quattro, PDF, text, and CSS2. The software's report designer can be used to create "comma-separated-values" (CSV) and other formatted text files for exporting data to accounting, database, and other applications.

Q Our client list is currently stored in a database, can we import it into BANCO?
A Yes, provided that your database can create a CSV (comma-separated-values) text file with the relevant data. BANCO uses a fairly common database format, and you may have software that is able to write directly to it with a native driver or using ODBC - contact technical support for more information. 

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